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    1. 1. Do you play the same numbers for every draw?

      • Yes, numbers that are important to me
      • No, I change them every time
      • No, I prefer to get a Quick Pick

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    1. Powerball's first millionaire of the year   (61 visits to this link)

      Powerball announced its first lucky millionaire of 2024.

    2. The $842.4 million Powerball jackpot was won by one Michigan player   (49 visits to this link)

      A single ticket sold in Michigan won the New Year’s Day $842.4 million Powerball jackpot.

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      What would happen if the next Powerball jackpot winner came from Australia or the U.K?  That could soon be a reality! What do you think?

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    • Numbers for this week: 11, 41 Finding joy in the next few weeks may require you to get out of your own way. There are things around that exist as they are. If you have no power to change them, there is little gain in agonizing over them. They may also be out of your scope of responsibility. 11 symbolizes the lifting of a weight from your shoulders. You may begin to find your step and rhythm if you set out to be happier about life in general. 41 is a prompt to put out good energy into the world, and it may surprise you how quickly it comes back to you.
    • Numbers for this week: 18, 69 Those who understand the power of marginal gains can never sing enough praise about it. It is a hidden truth among the wise from ancient times. 18 means you are never in competition with others. Your struggle should be to conquer yourself. 69 is a reminder that you are always a work in progress, and you hold the tools in your hands. You indeed have much, and a lot is expected from you. Still, remember that the only yardstick that matters is the one you pick for yourself. Slow and steady is the best approach.
    • Numbers for this week: 29, 44 In the last few days, you might have experienced mixed emotions after making your stance on an important matter known. You still wonder whether you should have spoken out like that. 29 is a green light from the universe to continue living your truth and be unapologetic about it. 44 is symbolic of the paths least taken by most people. They are often narrow and winding, but it is the only way to live your truth. You may have uncovered something a lot of people will never uncover. When you figure it out, do not be too afraid to wear it with pride.
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